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Getting ready for the move to your new apartment can be as exciting as it is exhausting. However, before you’re able to start decorating your new place, you need to handle the move-out cleaning of your old apartment.

Unless you are just really into doing housekeeping, it’s not going to be fun cleaning your apartment. On the other hand, it is a necessity. Consider that in many cases your actual security deposit might depend on it. Down below, you’ll discover six apartment moving-out cleaning tips you can use to get the job done and done well.

1) Make A Cleaning Plan For Moving Out:

Time is a crucial factor in terms of doing move-out cleaning for your old apartment. You’ll only have a handful of days in which you can make your older residence sparkle before you move into your newer home. Additionally, you’ll have to leave sufficient time for your old landlord to do their walkthrough so you can get back your deposit. Set very manageable deadlines for yourself, meaning you can actually complete everything in this short span of time. Write down deadlines to offer yourself visual representation of any progress you are making while you work.

2) Look Over Your Lease:

Some apartments, particularly those that are in historic districts or buildings, might strictly forbid the usage of particular cleaning products. Assume your landlord is more aware of the structural details than you are, so don’t even consider the usage of taboo products. You do not want to wind up damaging the pipes or flooring, since doing so might cost you a lot more than just your security deposit.

3) Be Mindful Of The Spots Easily Forgotten:

Your landlord is likely to do something like a white-glove test when you leave, and he or she is going to be really aware of any nooks and crannies that could easily slip your mind. So, when you make your own apartment cleaning checklist, be sure you remember the following:

An Apartment-Cleaning Checklist:

Clean the forgotten upper shelves of cabinets and closets.

Polish the faucets of each bathroom and the kitchen.

Scour your backsplash and the wall beside the stove.

Dust the tops of baseboards, windowsills, and ceiling fans.

Wipe down any magnetic stripping on freezer and fridge doors.

Clear out dust bunnies from AC units, standing or window.

Empty out lint traps and then wipe down laundry machines.

Sweep any outdoor areas like steps and porches.

4) Consider Carpet Deep-Cleaning:

If your apartment has carpeted surfaces which have taken a real beating since you first moved in, then it might be worth it to have a deep-cleaning done for your carpeting. Do the best you can to remove pet stains prior to a deep clean, and also give your carpeted rooms a really thorough vacuuming. You can even choose to rent yourself a carpet-cleaning machine to do the work yourself. However, if you’re stressed over time constraints or just the possibility of doing damage to the carpet, it’s always possible to hire carpet-cleaning professionals to come do it.

5) Do One Final Sweep:

Do this one with your eyes, and your broom. Take a hard look at everything to be sure you haven’t wound up leaving any personal items behind in the closets, cabinets, or rooms. As one final step in doing move-out cleaning, move through every room with a broom, and start sweeping up dirt or dust that wound up getting stirred up when you were boxes were getting moved.

6) Recognize The Times You Need Assistance:

Apartment cleaning takes a lot of work, particularly if you’re busy moving things to your new home. At times, you just might not have time for thoroughly cleaning your apartment. If you discover yourself to be in these circumstances, then it might be wise to get a cleaning service to enter the picture and handle things for you. In the long-term, it could be cheaper to hire housekeeping services than it is to lose your whole security deposit.

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