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Showers and bathtubs are frequently used by many people and pets for bathing. To make sure that bathing is efficient, it is important to clean bathtubs frequently. Cleaning of bathtub and tiles includes 4 different methods, so here are these methods:

Smooth surfaces

To smooth the tub and tile plane the most major difficulty is soap scum. Soap scum is a bonding of many molecules such as dirt, oils, etc. it is the mixture of these deposits and other deposits such as soaps, shampoo, body wash. Scum is generally formed when soap is used in hard water, as hard water includes salts of magnesium and calcium in it. If someone lives in a place where hard water is found then the chances of having soap scum would be more. There are many reasons for soap scum as well. Too much warmth and vapor from bathing and not cleaning your bathroom and tiles regularly will create difficulties for you. It is better if you clean your bathtub and tiles regularly. Before choosing materials for cleaning, it’s better to understand what kind of material is used in the making of your bathtub and tile. It is good if you clean the tub and tiles at least once in a week. To clean the tiles spread the all-purpose cleaner and allow the liquid to sit there for 11 minutes and meanwhile you can clean other areas of your washroom. After 11 minutes you can scrub the surface and rinse it with water. This would make the tiles and your bathtub scum free.

Using sealers

Newly set up tiles and bathtub frequently replicate grout. This provides you the way of cleaning the grooves just like you used to smooth the surfaces. Meanwhile for old setups, one has to adopt a different method for cleaning. It is noted that grout is spongy making it vulnerable to mold and tarnishing. In order to prevent this, it is your responsibility to clean your bathtubs and tiles regularly.
If the stains start developing along with other problems, go after removing stains and start with a less aggressive method. The basic step you should follow is to remove the stains. To remove the stains, you should use the mixture of water and baking soda or you can also use the mixture of baking soda and dish wash. Spread the mixture on the grout and let it rest there for some time. Then scrub the grout gently with a brush. If baking soda is not successful in removing the grout then you should use hydrogen peroxide or bleach or mildew liquid. If you are utilizing the latter, make sure that the washroom is very well ventilated.


Deposition of minerals from hard water is the most common trouble for taps, showers, metallic handles, and bars. It can be removed with the help of a liquid solution of water and vinegar.


Sometimes cleaning the drain once in a week may not work. It requires tlc to remove unpleasant smell and removing of hair and other things that can clog the drain. Clogging of drain may lead to slow draining of water. If draining of water is normal then you just need vinegar or lime juice to remove the odour.

A cleaning professional will clean your tiles and tub best. Call us for a quote!