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You can order, tidy up and organize your closet by using the following steps:

1. Install custom closets

Custom closets are the best for any setting, their unique design comprising of cabinets, shelves and drawers is modified to ensure you are always organized. Due to their efficient use of storage, all your stuff is at arm’s reach and properly organized.

2. Declutter

After securing your custom closet, sift through your items and remove items you rarely use. In the past, you may have decided to refresh or upgrade your wardrobe. However, after buying more clothes you ignored older clothes or ended up dumping the new ones after discovering they did not fit or match your style.

3. Light up

Lighting is crucial to closet design. Good lighting will brighten and completely transform your closet. A combination of energy saving options such as LED strips, dimmers to provide a warm glow, sensor lights and ribbon lights for shelves will do the job. Using a variety of efficient lighting on your wardrobe will leave it shining with beauty. It will also be fully functional by having a bright source of light for all occasions.

4. Group clothing

For ease and simplicity, it is best to sort and arrange similar items in one place. Group clothes that are alike or of similar color together. Prioritize the arrangement based on the frequency of use, placing your favorites at the front where you can easily find them.

5. Rack your shoes

A neatly arranged display of shoes is quite delightful and pleasing to the eyes. Install eye level racks and shoe shelves for quick access. This arrangement will make it convenient for you to choose and pick the appropriate footwear for any occasion.

6. Hang everything

Adjustable rods and racks are made to ensure simple usage while styling your wardrobe. Hang everything including clothes, purses and bags on rod or hooks. Hooks provide the opportunity to select clothes you intend to wear later and hang them for easier access. Using hooks, hangers, easy-to-hang dividers and other accessories will optimize your space.

7. Choose the right closet door

The space you have and the surrounding location will be factors to consider. Sliding doors are a magnificent option that comes in various styles such as translucent glass or frosted. Sliding doors do not interfere with traffic flow in a room. In addition, the aluminium frames are lightweight posing little challenge when you want to access stuff and also strong enough to secure your belongings.

Most importantly have Think Maids organize your closet when you just would rather not to. Call us for a quote.