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From time to time, we share what we think are the best cleaning supplies for spring cleaning. But have you ever wondered why we endorse some cleaning supplies and tools over others? Well, there are reasons why and we shall be discussing them in a bit. Also, we will be breaking down some of the tools that are often suggested versus their alternative. You might be surprised by how some of the tools people think aren’t that good are actually up to par.

Microfiber Cloths vs. Sponges

No matter how clean-smelling a household sponge is, these cleaners are quite the germ magnet. Considering that most of us do not have a microscope, it can be hard to tell how dirty or clean a sponge is. It is, therefore, best that you steer clear from them. Instead, go for microfiber cloths. The great thing about microfiber cloths is that apart from being way better at cleaning surfaces, they are also quick drying and machine washable. As a result, they’re less likely to harbor germs. If you cannot remember when you last cleaned your microfiber cloth, make sure that you wash it before and after your spring cleaning.

Brooms vs. Vacuums

The problem with using brooms is that they push dust and dirt around instead of collecting it, which is why you need to ‘throw-away’ your broom and forget about it. Instead, get your vacuum out of storage, dust it off, and get to work. If it has been in storage for quite some time, show it some tender loving care before you start spring cleaning. There is a high chance that you have not changed the HEPA filter or cleaned the roller brush since you bought it. Overlooking some maintenance can negatively impact your vacuum’s suction, making it less effective at picking up debris and dust – causing it to leave a lot of dirt, dust, and debris in its wake.

Floor Steamer vs. Floor Cleaner

Some floor cleaners can do it all and are your best bet when it comes to deep cleaning a floor. However, a floor steamer is one tool that you need to have in your spring cleaning toolkit arsenal. Floor steamers are not only effective at removing stains off vinyl flooring and ceramic tiles, but they also get hot enough to kill any germs and bacteria that might be lingering in tile grout or hard-to-reach places. If you or any family member went through a rough cold or flu season, a floor steamer could help rid your home of flu and cold germs for good.

Disposable Toilet Wands vs. The Trusty Toilet Brush

A toilet brush has the least glamourous cleaning responsibility in any home. After use, most of them are placed back in their holders – with their mess and all. Not hygienic at all. So, why not go for a cleaner, more sanitary solution? Toilet wands are a great alternative and come with an in-built solution. Their textures are designed for scrubbing, and their disposable toilet wands do not have the same potential of hanging onto your toilet’s unwelcome mess in your newly spring-cleaned, spotless bathroom.

Make-It-Yourself Solutions vs. Brand Name Glass Cleaner

Not only can paper towels and store cleaners be expensive, they often aren’t as effective as homemade solutions that you make with things like rubbing alcohol and vinegar.

If you think that you might not have the time to do spring cleaning this season, consider giving a call to a reputable cleaning company and have experienced cleaners take care of things for you.