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Cellular shades are a great window treatment when it comes to light control and insulation. The honeycomb-shaped cells trap the air between the windows and a room, which helps to keep these spaces warm over the winter months and cool over the summer months. They also range from blackout to light filtering making it easy to customize these cellular shades in order to match up to your lifestyle.

Yet the honeycomb shape of these shades will mean that they are not as easy to clean like blinds that feature slats. Yet even though, cleaning your cellular shades might appear to be a task that is daunting, in fact, it is relatively simple.

Below are a few handy tips you can use to make sure your shades are always in the best condition.

1. Keep Dust And Dirt Off The Shades

You can vacuum your shades lightly using an upholstery-attachment or use a feather duster, at least once a week to ensure they maintain a clean appearance.

2. Wash Away Dirt And Stains From Your Cellular Shades

If your shades are dirty and stained use warm water and a detergent to conduct a spot clean. Avoid using stain removers or bleach, as this will run the dye present in your shades.

3. Make Sure Your Cellular Shades Remain Sharp

Pleats featured in a cellular shade is its defining characteristic. To maintain the shape of these shades make sure you wipe them down properly. Wipe down in the direction that the pleats follow to make sure they retain their crisp appearance.

4. Do Not Allow Your Shades To Remain Damp

After spot cleaning, use a paper towel to wipe away any remaining moisture.

Making sure your shades always look clean is really a simple task. Just follow the tips we mentioned above, a local Think Maids professional can help and you can enjoy your cellular shades for years to come. What are you waiting on? Call us now!