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Living rooms or lounge in any home is subjected to all kinds of cluttering. This common living space is shared by every family member and that means it gets dirty pretty easily. Decluttering and tidying your living space requires a well-thought out plan in mind and knowing how to proceed. If you have toddlers or little kids in your house, even teenagers, it’s pretty normal to have items cluttered around in your living room. Before you unleash your wrath at your family for the keeping the living room in a mess, stay calm and understand that this is pretty common.

In this article we’re listing down all the best ways to declutter your common living space and make it look tidy in no time. This process involves dedication and perseverance of course because you will need to tidy up the lounge every single day.

When it comes to cleaning your living room, there are some standard rules you should follow. These rules include keeping all items back in their respective places. Leaving them out on the table will only add to the mess. You should have a dedicated space for them in a cabinet. If you don’t, then make one!

Another important rule to remember is to not overcrowd your storage spaces and basket. This will only create more mess and anxiety for you. If your storage cabinets are reaching their capacity limit, then make more space elsewhere. Remember that there will always be enough space in your living room to accommodate for your items. You just need to work smartly.

Listed below are some specific items found in a common living room that can easily be tidied up and put away.

#1: Shoes, bags and jackets

Shoes racks are the way to go when it comes to keeping your living room tidy. You can also invest in a show cabinet to keep your footwear completely out of sight. Another pro tip to keeping your living room free from shoe dirt is by placing mats near the door, preferably outside.

Jackets are also commonly thrown just about anywhere in the living room. This completely destroys the neat image of your living space. We suggest going DIY and installing wall hooks for your jackets and other apparels. The wall hooks can also work to hold your umbrellas. Similarly, if you have a habit of placing your bags in the lounge as well, it’s a good idea to keep them hung over the hooks on the wall as well.

#2: Smartphones, keys and other accessories

These everyday accessories might be small but they can easily get lost in a living space that is poorly kept tidy, only adding to the clutter of the room. To save yourself from the worry of losing these important accessories, we suggest keeping them in small accessory boxes, cabinets or bowls. You’ll be in a lot of peace when you know your TV remote is in the basket you made for it.

#3: Books, Newspapers, Magazines and CDs

Books and magazines are commonly found in a typical living room as our video games and CDs. The best way to keep these things tidy and easy to find is to place them in special cabinets or drawers dedicated just for them. This will not only declutter your living room but it will also make retrieving them much easier.

Alternatively, some homeowners prefer to decorate their rooms with their books for an added aesthetic effect. You could build an open bookshelf for your book collection or place some of your favorite books on display. However, less is always more when it comes to home décor. If you were planning to show off some books, make sure they aren’t too many in number or they could end up making your living room look untidy.

#4: Throws and Pillows

Pillows are often used on couches to elevate the look of the room. If coordinated well, these pillows and throws can make your living room look beautiful. Again, overdoing this type of décor will make your living room look like a mess so make sure you don’t overdo it.

#5: Toys and Playthings

If you have children in your house your living room probably has a lot of toys and playthings around as well. It’s alright to bring out these toys temporarily but once your kid is done playing with them, it’s important that you place all of them back in their designated cabinets to reduce the clutter in your common living space.

#6: Unnecessary Items

Finally on our list are items that shouldn’t really be in your living room in the first place. These can be anything from gym equipment to dishes, socks and shirts. The first and foremost step to make sure you living room is tidy is to keep all of these ‘extra’ things completely out of the room.

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