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Keeping your house free of insects should be among your top priorities. Unfortunately, through the summer, spiders will crawl into your home, and you might realize it when your house is full of cobwebs. Cobwebs might be harmful to some extent, and they will also make your beautiful house to look messy. However, you shouldn’t worry as cobwebs are not a big deal, and you can eliminate them from your home with ease. The core thing is to locate where they are, and everything will be simple from there. You will be able to see them using your naked eyes and wash or wipe them. But in some situations, cobwebs might hide in your house, and you will need more effort to locate them. So what are the common hiding places for cobwebs?

Under furniture

Spiders will hide under your bulky furniture that you move less. You will find many cobwebs hiding under your bed, sofa set, or your wall unit. When cleaning your house, don’t forget to vacuum underneath every furniture.

Door frames

Another primary hiding place for spiders is doorframes. Spiders will love these places because they feel more secure and less interrupted. When cleaning, check every door frame and also cracks.


That pile of old books and clothes in your bedroom will also create a good place for spiders leaving cobwebs. Make sure you dispose of anything that you don’t need including books, toys, and old clothes. This will reduce clutters in your house, and spiders will have fewer places to hide.

Ceilings and ventilation vents

These are the most unattended parts of your house. This makes them the best place for spiders to hide hence more cobwebs. When looking for cobwebs in your home, don’t forget to check these places as they will be potential hiding places.


Spiders will love to stay around the windows, as this is where they will get their food from. Many insects will enter your house through the window, and this is the main reason why spiders will wait for them there. Always move your curtain and check if you will see any cobwebs around there and wipe.

Floor corners

Floor corners will create hiding places for cobwebs. Especially corners that are close to furniture will create a good place for spiders to stay hence cobwebs. Any furniture that is around the corner should be moved regularly to ensure no cobwebs will accumulate.

How to eliminate cobwebs

After locating cobwebs, the next step is to eliminate them. This shouldn’t be a complicated thing, and you can do it on your own using simple equipment in your home. If you involve any chemicals, take all the necessary precautions. You can eliminate cobwebs through wiping, sweeping, dusting, or vacuuming.


Cobwebs can be disturbing and even make your beautiful house to look old. Locating and eliminating cobwebs in your home shouldn’t be overwhelming. Check all the hiding places and remove the cobwebs with simple procedures. But it would be best if you kept rechecking all the hiding places as cobwebs will always come back after some time. If you don’t want to handle the cleaning Think Maids can do it for you. Call us when you next need a hand.