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Most people grew up being told that an annual home deep cleaning is necessary around spring time. Well, what is spring cleaning and how did it start? Here’s what you need to know about spring cleaning, how it began and how you can handle it like a professional once spring time comes around the next time.

How Did Spring Cleaning Start?

Before humidifiers and vacuums were invented, spring cleaning was often done after a long winter being holed up indoors. If you can imagine it, all the doors and windows are shut tight and homes were kept warm using wood fireplaces.

Due to the cold weather, it was hard to clean anything that needed to be dusted and cleaned outdoors such as rugs or beddings. Therefore, with spring and the thawing, it’s perfect to open the doors and windows, let in some fresh air, scrub the soot, grit, ash and grime from your home.

What Is Spring Cleaning In The Modern World?

Yes, there may have been a lot of advances in heating and housekeeping but you will spend a lot of time during winter sealed up in your home, unless you’re in a warm climate. If you live in a cold area with a lot of snow, you might see a lot of dirt being tracked indoors with the shoes, pine needles and fallen leaves as well as so much more.

A lot of homes have a lot of filters and vents but there are some special layers of winter grit that pile up during the cold months of the year. When spring comes around you can open up the windows and remove the dirt, dust and sweater lint as well as the musty winter smells in your house, area rugs and curtains.

Modern living has completely eliminated the need for deep and thorough home cleaning that took place in the older days. However, many people associate spring time with cleaning their homes and yards. It’s the perfect time to remove the negative winter vibes and make a great fresh start with housekeeping. Now, you can enjoy the spring time with a cleaner and fresher home as you wait for the summer months.

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