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Streak-free Window Cleaning Hacks And Tricks
Windows have to be cleaned now and then. If it’s time to clean your house windows, check out these easy tips and tricks to avoid streaks.
6 Signs To Identify A Trustworthy Home Cleaner
Looking for a home cleaner in Washington DC could be overwhelming with all the options available. Before hiring a cleaner, you should know if they are professional, reliable, and well-trained to do the job. In this blog post, we tell you some signs to identify a trustworthy cleaner.  1. They are credible Knowing if a […]
Dirtiest Places You Can Find Indoors
Germs might be hiding in these spots inside your home. Add them to your cleaning and disinfecting checklist to keep your home safe and spotless.
Ask For These Cleaning Tasks Before Booking A Home Deep Cleaning
When you are looking for cleaning services, it’s normal to ask yourself what service you should hire. Both standard and deep cleaning will help you maintain optimal cleanliness levels indoors. However, the difference during a deep cleaning is attention to detail. A professional deep-clean includes time-consuming tasks that are usually left aside during daily and […]
Home Cleaning Tricks And Hacks For The Busy
Most busy homeowners want to forget about cleaning tasks. If you are struggling to keep your home clean, check out these time-saving cleaning tips.
Tips on Spring Cleaning of Windows 
Everyone wants clean, pristine windows so that they could peep through and savor the colorful, blooming abundance of Spring. However, window washing is a challenging physical job; there’s no other way. If you use paper towels and glass cleaners, you’re far from a perfect cleaning tenure. For best Spring Cleaning of Windows, you need to […]

Washington DC Vacation Rental Homes

We offer a full cleaning service for vacation rentals and AirBnB owners! Including AirBnB, HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey, and Tripping. See our blog posts to learn more.

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Streak-free Window Cleaning Hacks And Tricks
Windows have to be cleaned now and then. If it’s time to clean your house windows, check out these easy tips and tricks to avoid streaks.
6 Signs To Identify A Trustworthy Home Cleaner
Looking for a home cleaner in Washington DC could be overwhelming with all the options available. Before hiring a cleaner, you should know if they are professional, reliable, and well-trained to do the job. In this blog post, we tell you some signs to identify a trustworthy cleaner.  1. They are credible Knowing if a […]
Dirtiest Places You Can Find Indoors
Germs might be hiding in these spots inside your home. Add them to your cleaning and disinfecting checklist to keep your home safe and spotless.
Ask For These Cleaning Tasks Before Booking A Home Deep Cleaning
When you are looking for cleaning services, it’s normal to ask yourself what service you should hire. Both standard and deep cleaning will help you maintain optimal cleanliness levels indoors. However, the difference during a deep cleaning is attention to detail. A professional deep-clean includes time-consuming tasks that are usually left aside during daily and […]
Home Cleaning Tricks And Hacks For The Busy
Most busy homeowners want to forget about cleaning tasks. If you are struggling to keep your home clean, check out these time-saving cleaning tips.
Tips on Spring Cleaning of Windows 
Everyone wants clean, pristine windows so that they could peep through and savor the colorful, blooming abundance of Spring. However, window washing is a challenging physical job; there’s no other way. If you use paper towels and glass cleaners, you’re far from a perfect cleaning tenure. For best Spring Cleaning of Windows, you need to […]
8 Tips For Surviving The Worst Of The Spring Pollen Season
For anyone who has to deal with allergies, they know pollen can make you feel awful. While it’s not good for anyone, it’s much worse for people affected that have allergies. Below are some tips you should take notice of so the next day you have to deal with pollen, you don’t have to suffer […]
Pillow Cleaning Tips – Check Myths and Facts
So you’re seeking info on cleaning pillows! Maybe, you face issues when cleaning them. Perhaps, you want to enjoy better results. No matter the reason, you can ensure the desired outcome by separating myths from facts. Here are effective pillow cleaning tips. Myth 1 Regular cases can keep your pillows clean. False A regular case […]
Avoid These 10 Big Mistakes When Cleaning
Lets face it, spring cleaning day is not exactly everybody’s favorite day. As a matter of fact, you can spend an entire day doing cleaning activities only to up with a house that’s partially clean. When cleaning your house, avoid these 10 common mistakes. Cross Contaminating This only distributes bacteria and other pathogens from one […]
Processes involved in cleaning bathtubs and showers
Showers and bathtubs are frequently used by many people and pets for bathing. To make sure that bathing is efficient, it is important to clean bathtubs frequently. Cleaning of bathtub and tiles includes 4 different methods, so here are these methods: Smooth surfaces To smooth the tub and tile plane the most major difficulty is […]
Essential tips on how to clean various window treatments
Window treatments can be susceptible to plenty of harmful allergens. They can also absorb and retain odors. That said, there’s no denying how largely window treatments can affect the indoor air quality which is why they should be kept clean. It’s important to adhere to the manufacturers’ instructions if you’re doing the cleaning by yourself. […]
Be Prepared for Any Cleaning Job
You must be aiming at ensuring that your house remains clean all along this year. For you to achieve this, you need to lay some regulations. You will need to be prepared for any cleaning job. You need to come up with solutions and tools that will help you in the cleaning process. There are […]
House Cleaning tips during the flu season
No person can be completely protected from all infectious diseases only by cleaning. However, it is important to get factually correct information on what type of cleaning will prevent infectious diseases. This will help you do a realistic amount of preventive cleaning which is effective in disease prevention. Some key facts about cleaning a home […]
How to Make Your Refrigerator and Freezer Clean and Neat
Having a clean and organized refrigerator and freezer is not only good-looking but functional, as well. Cooking and generally meal prepping is gonna be much easier after you clean those two important devices. Cleaning both of them on the same day is much easier and if preferred, you can divide the task into more simple […]
DIY Infused Vinegar
Even though vinegar is probably the single best cleaning agent in your household, you might be reluctant to use it due to its poignant smell. Here is an idea of how can you use other ingredients to naturally subdue the scent, and at the same time, keep all the good ingredients that will help you […]
How to naturally clean a toilet
Cleaning agents’ toxicity is a well-known issue in today’s modern world. As if our land, air, and waters are not already terribly polluted, now we have to pay attention to what we use when cleaning the house. Chemicals tend to compensate for their poisonous ingredients by cleaning efficiency, which can seriously damage your health. Taking […]
After an illness your body will be so vulnerable to germs and other infections and it is thus important that you find some effective ways to disinfect yourself. You also need to prevent spreading the illness to other people in the home. So how do you go about disinfecting yourself after a sickness? Well, the […]
Where can I find cobwebs in my house?
Keeping your house free of insects should be among your top priorities. Unfortunately, through the summer, spiders will crawl into your home, and you might realize it when your house is full of cobwebs. Cobwebs might be harmful to some extent, and they will also make your beautiful house to look messy. However, you shouldn’t […]
How to clean your house efficiently every season
Spring is the best season to give your home a thorough clean. You need a dose of fresh air once the house has gotten stuffy. But who said you can’t clean your house in winter, summer or fall? Well, if you learn how to clean the house in all seasons, you’ll have less work in […]
How to Get Offensive Odors Out of Your Home
Your home is meant to store odors as you cook, eat, bath, and do your other daily habits. Even if you have time to clean your house regularly or hire someone to get rid of the mess for you, odors are just inevitable. But, you don’t need to face this problem alone. You can do […]
Microfiber cleaning cloths are gems for homeowners. These cleaners are not just for a specific area of your house, It works in different places and the good thing about these cleaners is that it is made of microfibers that are good for grabbing dirt and germs without spreading them out as you clean other surfaces. […]
Cleaning Your Baseboards
When we clean our house, we usually overlook the baseboard area. Furthermore, we often don’t see them unless we drop something or give the house a once-over when we are expecting company. Baseboards can get a grimy look after some time if you don’t clean them. Therefore, it’s a good idea if you include them […]
Decluttering You Kitchen
How to declutter the kitchen Kitchens can get very cluttered and it’s important to clear it out regularly so that you can be in a safe and happy environment. By using the following system, you can have a clean and fresh kitchen at all times. If yours really needs a declutter, you just need to […]
How To Clean Your Dog Bed
Oh no! You just picked up your dog’s bed and it smells absolutely horrible! It’s not too hard to throw your dog in the bathtub or into the car to take them to your favorite pet groomer, but the dog bed is a completely different beast altogether. Lucky for you, Think Maids has got your […]
Get Rid Of That Musty Smell of Winter
Many homes have a musty smell during the winter season due to the lack of air circulation. Taking the time to eliminate these odors is well worth the effort and can help you create a much cleaner environment for you and your family. Here are a few key tips that can help you get rid […]
Easy Chores
Are you the kind of person who neglects doing various chores because they are tedious? Some projects can indeed take a while before they are done, such as cleaning the fridge or decluttering a bedroom closet. The good news is that there are several chores you can perform in a short while. Here are eight […]
Top Industries That Benefit From Cleaning Services
Cleaning services are quite useful and in demand in numerous industries. Here are some of the top industries that need cleaning services. 1. Medical Private Practices Large hospitals have janitorial staff to handle their cleaning. However, private practices are quite smaller and they often outsource their cleaning needs. Running a private practice can be a […]
Tips And Ideas On How To Keep Your Home Clean
We all wish to live in a clean and healthy environment. Many people are more comfortable living in a clean and well-organized home as compared to a dirty, unkempt one. That said, you should always strive to keep your home as clean as possible. Living in a clean environment also reduces the risk of infections […]
The Best Tricks For Window Cleaning
Are you looking for the best way to keep your windows clean? Do you feel like it’s frustrating and daunting to do it over and over again without any positive results? Well, a lot of people have been in the same boat. As much as try cleaning your windows, if you are not doing it […]
The Benefits Of Hiring Someone To Clean Your Home
Your time is valuable. With how busy life is, it isn’t always possible to fit in all of the things that you want to do – especially if you have to waste time cleaning. When you hire someone to clean your home, it frees up more of your time to do things that you enjoy, […]
Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean With These Simple Tips
Kitchens are notoriously difficult to clean. You can make the task easier by following these simple tips. One easy way to keep the space cleaner is by getting in the habit of picking up any clutter and wiping down the table and countertops at the end of each day. That way, you can wake up […]
How To Get Your Kids To Clean Their Rooms
Teaching children to clean up their own messes is an important part of parenting. A good place to start is by getting them in the habit of cleaning their own rooms. Children are often reluctant to clean, which means that they require a little bit of encouragement. The tips below on how to get your […]
Five Top Tips for House Cleaning
If you simply don’t have the time to get every little cleaning job done, don’t worry, you don’t have to. You can always follow these easy house-cleaning tips which could make a huge difference and help you to stay on track when it comes to cleaning your home. Put The Kitchen Sink First Make a […]
Differentiating Between A Deep Clean And A Regular Clean
Cleaning is not just cleaning; every method has its unique qualities. The tradition cleaning method differs significantly from a deep cleaning. Most professional house cleaners will provide the options of deep cleaning as well as the standard (traditional) cleaning. If you cannot distinguish the two, then you may not know if you paid for a […]
Cleaning Services Weren’t Created Equally
Not All Cleaning Services Are The Same Have you ever been in a situation where a cleaning company promised incredible service for not a lot of money but then failed to deliver? This is depressingly common. Don’t let cleaning companies trick you with talk of completing a deep clean in just a couple of hours. […]
5 Traits That Signify You Hired Home Cleaners That Are Doing A Good Job
You expect the professional house cleaners you hire to deliver quality work. But may not be what you get. So how do you tell if they are doing a good job? What are some of the signs to look for? 1. Hardworking Overall, you want your home spotlessly clean. To get this, then you need […]
The Wrong Sort Of Cleaning Hacks: Debunking Cleaning Myths
Due to the popularity of social media, there are now dozens of channels offering information on “cleaning hacks” and how to make routine housecleaning simpler. Regardless of whether you are inspired by DIY cleaning products or the cleaning myths passed down from your elders, the cleaning hacks do not always produce the results you want. […]
Organize And Declutter Your Bedroom
It is highly unlikely that you would want to spend your whole weekend tidying up your bedroom because you were disorderly and left clutter lying everywhere. Here are three quick organization tips you can use each day and which can assist you to tidy up effectively. Clean up after yourself It almost appears obvious, but […]
Marble Countertops And Floors: Cleaning Tips
Marble is a top choice in the home when it comes to countertops and floors. We can give credit to its classic beauty. Along with the elegant look, marble also comes with a higher price tag, not to mention special care is required to prevent wear and tear and possible damages. Some Things To Remember […]
How To Clean Your Wicker Baskets
Wicker baskets have natural wood fibers that bring a warm decorative touch to your home. They can be used to store items that can clutter your home such as toiletries, mail and also electronics. As a result, you can use wicker baskets for proper organization in your home. However, they have one huge disadvantage. They […]
Household Cleaning Substances You Should Never Mix
More and more people choose DIY cleaning solutions over ready-made products, out of their desire to use natural, eco-friendly and less toxic products. However, some of these people believe that they can mix and match any substances to create powerful and effective all-natural cleaning solutions. This is a wrong approach. Some combinations of natural substances […]
Dust Cleaning For Holiday Gatherings
Regardless of the event, you would be embarrassed when relatives and friends have to sit in your dusty living room. The following is a simple guide that explains how to clean dust your home in readiness for the holiday season. Step No. 1: Create a Cleaning Plan When planning for visitors in your house, it […]
Cleaning Safety Tips You Should Always remember
If you’re one of those people who’s planning on cleaning your home, the thought alone is pretty overwhelming! Will you have enough time to clean the fridge before you’ll be able to jump to an online webinar? The showerhead looks dirty, when was the last time it had a good scrub? While all of these […]
Clean Your Pillows With These Hacks
At the end of the day, there’s nothing more relaxing that can be compared to lying down and sinking your face in a soft, warm, fluffy pillow. But, the moment that you realized that there’s more than just fluff and feathers there such as hair, dust mites and other unpleasant stuff that’s in your pillows, […]
Are You Cleaning Your House In The Wrong Order?
When you begin cleaning a house, do you start in any room and move to the next without any plan? If you use this random cleaning process, then you are not alone. However, for effective cleaning, it is recommended that you have a plan of attack. Without planning or preparation, cleaning may not be as […]
5 Common Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid
Cleaning is not something that most people enjoy. This can be made more unenjoyable when you make some of the common cleaning mistakes. When you learn how to avoid these mistakes, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort. Using Too Much Product When it comes to household cleaners, a lot of people […]
Tips On How To Clean Your Silverware Using Common Household Items
Whether you have plans to host a dinner for your extended family or you feel like having a fancy dinner with your significant other, bringing out your silverware service, trays, or pitchers is sure to lift the mood in your home. Cleaning Your Silverware With Baking Soda And Vinegar Combining vinegar and baking soda might […]
Tips On How To Clean A Sink Overflow Hole
Have you ever taken a minute to examine the back of the sink in your bathroom? If you have, chances are you have noticed a small hole under the faucet often located towards the back of the bowl. This little hole, known as an overflow hole, is one thing a lot of people never think […]
The Cleaning Of Your Wood Furniture Will Make It Last Longer
It is a rare home that does not have any wood furniture as part of its decor. The sturdy designs and rich grains that wooden pieces have, add a touch of coziness to any home. You are not doing your decor any favor if the surfaces of your wood furniture have fine layers of dust […]
Spring Cleaning Tips
From time to time, we share what we think are the best cleaning supplies for spring cleaning. But have you ever wondered why we endorse some cleaning supplies and tools over others? Well, there are reasons why and we shall be discussing them in a bit. Also, we will be breaking down some of the […]
Natural Cleaning Methods For Shower Door Tracks
Even if you clean the walls and doors of your shower regularly, you may be forgetting one major component: the door tracks. Don’t worry – there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Most people miss cleaning this part of their bathroom, as well. Unfortunately, shower door tracks can become quite dirty over time. Soap scum, […]
Mattress And Bed Cleaning Tips
You might change your bedding and sheets every week, but when last did you clean your mattress and your bed? If you are similar to most homeowners, you probably never think about cleaning these important furniture pieces. Yet it is recommended to clean this furniture at least 4 times every year. This may appear to […]
How To Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner
While most people would remember when was the last time they’ve used their vacuum cleaner, very few of them would actually remember when was the last time they cleaned their vacuum itself. Do you remember the last time you’ve cleaned yours? We bet you don’t. It’s very easy to forget that household cleaning tools require […]
How To Clean A Burned Pot
How many times have you scorched a pot when preparing a meal? Well, you should know that it’s displeasing especially with the awful smell that comes off it. Here are some tips for cleaning a burned pot you should know. 1. Soak Burned Pots With Soap Or Salt You can clean a scorched pot by […]
How To Budget For Cleaning Services
If you find it hard to keep up with maintaining cleanliness in your home, you should know that you’re not the only one in this situation. At the same time, you probably want to have a clean home to enjoy by the end of your workday. If these things matter to you, perhaps it’s time […]
Bedroom Furniture Cleaning Tips And Advice
When it comes to cleaning your bedroom, the bed is probably the one one that should get the most of your attention. As the bedroom is a private space, full of personal items, cleaning it can be a daunting task, as you may have a hard time deciding what to start with. Relax! We are […]
Why Mom Needs A Housecleaner
As a child, your mom must have asked you to help out around the house. However, she always does the most work. In the long run, it always takes a toll on her. If you don’t pay attention, she will murmur under her breath how much she is exhausted about everything as you carry on […]
How To Clean Your Holiday Rental
Vacation time is here, marked by the arrival of summer! You should prepare yourself for some bit of cleaning if you will be staying at a vacation rental. To ensure that you have an idea of the things you need to do once you arrive, read the following list of tips on holiday rental cleaning. […]
How to Properly Clean a Fabric Sofa
Sofas made from fabric look great and contribute to a cozy atmosphere. On the other hand, cleaning these can be a pain. However, spills are inevitable, and unless you cover your upholstery with plastic, you should be armed with the knowledge on how to properly clean your fabric sofa. 1. Review Manufacturer-Issued Instructions Always check […]
How To Keep Your House Clean When School Is Out
The summer is almost here and your kids will soon be home everyday. This means that your kids will have lots of fun outdoors, however, they will come indoors in quite a dirty and sweaty condition. As a result, this can cause your once beautifully clean home to become a mess and you may soon […]
How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner
During the summertime, you are faced with higher temperatures and longer days. Before summertime approaches, you should clean and maintain your window air conditioners to ensure they are running at peak performance. How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner After It Has Been Stored When you get your air conditioner out of the basement or […]
How to Care for Your Delicates
When we are discussing delicates, we mean clothing that can become damaged when washed using a regular cycle. Examples of delicate items include your bras, silk shirts, silk ties, scarves, and padded bike shorts. Delicate items are typically some of the most expensive items of clothing in your wardrobe and should be treated with care. […]
DIY Tips For Cleaning Your Wine Glasses
It is hard to enjoy your pinot noir or any of your favorites when drinking them out of a cloudy wine glass, or a fluted riddled with unsightly water marks. You should know how to care for your wine glasses; to clean them and have them sparkling even when picked from storage. Start With Some […]
How To Clean The Space Between The Stove And Countertop
The space between the stove and countertop is a magnet for rice grains, food crumbs, and whatever bit of food that can fit in there. It seems like things like falling in there. The space is a carrier of dirt and grease as well. This makes it one of the dirtiest spaces found in the […]
6 Tips To Better Closet Storage
A few good organization ideas are what you need to have a closet that’s free of clutter. Below are 6 tips to help you get you started with your spring cleaning. Even better, the tips will help you maintain an organized home and closet throughout the year. 1. Have a Solid Plan If you make […]
5 Tips To A Neat Home
Many people struggle to keep their homes neat. It is even harder even you have kids to attend to, and still have to report at work before 9 in the morning. Time isn’t always on any working parent’s side; one of the reasons most parents struggle to keep their homes well organized and clean. With […]
How To Prevent Molds On Your Carpet After Water Damage
Water leakage is one of the leading causes of mold damage in the house. The level of damage can be extensive if the leak isn’t detected in time, and will under most instances cause your carpets to start rotting. The leakage doesn’t necessarily be from roof leaks; it can be from a broken pipe or […]
Easy Chores That Take Maximum 10 Minutes To Do
Do you know how many things could your do in 10 minutes to make your home more appealing? You can surely give up 10 minutes out of your internet browsing and mindless social media scrolling time to do those annoying maintenance tasks you seem to be putting off for ever. 1. Clean the blades of […]
How Often Should You Clean And Replace Your Kitchen Cleaning Tools?
Did you know that the tool you use to clean your dishes will also need to be cleaned and even be replaced? But how often should this be done? Here are a few tips. • Sponge The kitchen sponge is perhaps the big culprit of bacteria buildup, especially if not properly rinsed off after use […]
Top Five Organizing Tips For Your Home
Clutter can build up when we get busy regardless of how organized we are. When this happens, it is good to declutter as soon as possible before your house becomes overwhelmed with clutter. Clear the clutter early enough when the chore is less daunting. Would you like to organize your messy home? If so, read […]
Ways to Green Your Bathroom on a Budget
There are few places in your home that require more cleaning and that may need more chemicals to get them clean than the bathroom. If your goal is to make cleaning your bathroom a greener process, here’s a list of ideas: 1. Ensure that your bathroom stays well aired out. Be sure that you keep […]
Vinegar – The Cheap And Efficient Answer To Effective Cleaning
Are you dumbfounded by the many cleaning products you have under your kitchen sink and in the cleaning supplies cabinet? Every product is colorfully packed and make huge promises to be the answer you seek for simple, effective cleaning. However, you find that you cannot use one without the other and the total cost of […]
Seven Steps To A perfectly Organized Closet
You can order, tidy up and organize your closet by using the following steps: 1. Install custom closets Custom closets are the best for any setting, their unique design comprising of cabinets, shelves and drawers is modified to ensure you are always organized. Due to their efficient use of storage, all your stuff is at […]
Tips On How To Keep Your Cellular Shades Clean
Cellular shades are a great window treatment when it comes to light control and insulation. The honeycomb-shaped cells trap the air between the windows and a room, which helps to keep these spaces warm over the winter months and cool over the summer months. They also range from blackout to light filtering making it easy […]
How To Make Your Very Own Cleaning Products At Home
There are a number of good reasons why you might want to make your own cleaning products from home. Whether you want to avoid having to go to the store, would like to save some money, or are wanting to create a chemical-free environment inside of your home, there really isn’t any reason why you […]
How To Properly Clean A Bathtub
Clean your bathtub on a weekly basis If they are maintained on a regular basis, a majority of bathtubs will stay clean. Make sure you clean the bathtub once a week in order to prevent stains and soap scum buildup. To prevent the formation or stubborn water spots, use either a squeegee or towel to […]
Why Spring Clean
Most people grew up being told that an annual home deep cleaning is necessary around spring time. Well, what is spring cleaning and how did it start? Here’s what you need to know about spring cleaning, how it began and how you can handle it like a professional once spring time comes around the next […]
What Are The Best Tools To Use For Cleaning?
Spring cleaning is now in full effect. Here, at Think Maids, you find all the expertise and professional advice you could ask for to get this season started off right. Many times, we share our best cleaning supplies in order to help you handle your ever-growing checklist of spring cleaning. However, do you actually wonder […]
Tips To Help You Budget For Cleaning Services
When you have a very busy schedule, you may find it difficult to keep up with the housekeeping. At the same time, you do enjoy having a clean home to relax after work. If all these sound familiar to you, it may be time to see how you can budget for a professional cleaning service. […]
Preparation For Apartment Cleaning
Getting ready for the move to your new apartment can be as exciting as it is exhausting. However, before you’re able to start decorating your new place, you need to handle the move-out cleaning of your old apartment. Unless you are just really into doing housekeeping, it’s not going to be fun cleaning your apartment. […]
How to Wash Plastic Shower Curtains?
Cleaning a bathroom and shower is what you regularly do, but do you do the same for your shower liner or plastic shower curtain. Like most people, you may not be doing it often. In fact, you may be like most people who are not aware that plastic shower curtains can be washed, and in […]
How To Spring Clean With Your Kids Around
Spring is just around the corner and while it is always welcoming to hear the birds singing and to watch the flowers blooming, it is also the time to spring clean your home. Of course, the thought of deep cleaning your house with your little ones at home may seem like a daunting task. This […]
Best Ways To Clean Glass Windows And Tabletops
Smears on windows and glass tabletops are among the most annoying things in the world. If you want your home to be spotless, you have to learn how to clean glass surfaces for an impeccable look. A streak-free window cleaner is the only thing you need to clean your glass windows. You can buy such […]
Clean Your Bedroom Well With This Checklist!
Cleaning your bedroom is a task that you either love or hate. Most adults feel annoyed and choose to procrastinate when, in fact, cleaning their bedrooms is a process that can go quickly and help you achieve great results. Even if your dislike of organizing and cleaning your room stems back to your childhood, just […]
Bagless Versus Bagged Vacuum
These days when it comes to getting your floors clean, often the first thing that you turn to for help is your vacuum cleaner. That is true whether you have carpet or hardwood, marble or tile flooring. But what is the best kind of vacuum to do the job the best?  Bagless or bagged vacuum […]
5 Benefits Of Making Your Bed
Do you make your bed in the morning when you arise? Or, are you like others who simply complain and ask the proverbial question, “Why bother, I’m just going to be getting back into my bed tonight?” Regardless of which camp you’re in, there is some logic to making your bed each morning. Let’s examine […]
What You Should Avoid Putting In The Dishwasher
If you cook or eat at home, you will probably own a dishwasher to make your life a bit easier.  Most of the items in your kitchen can be placed in the dishwasher after you have used them, but there is some cookware that you need to leave out.  The problem is that a lot […]
The Life-Changing KonMari Method™ of Folding Clothes
If you are into organizing your home to your best advantage, you have probably come across the name Marie Kondo, the author of the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and the KonMari Method ™ of folding clothes. With her unique tips and advice for organizing your home, particularly how to fold clothes, […]
How to Remove Stains or Odors From Plasticware
Taking a packed lunch in a plastic food container is convenient and a good way to save money. Plastic food containers are handy for keeping leftovers in, too. Unfortunately, they tend to hold on to stains and odors, and who wants to eat a greek yogurt that tastes like a chicken curry?  Stains can make […]
How To Maintain Cleanliness In The Dustiest Areas Of Your Home
Are you living in a dusty home? Most people do but they don’t even realize it. Dust has a silent way to build up until it becomes obvious and difficult to remove. You probably want to prevent this from happening. Thanks to Merry Maids, you’ll know how to keep your home free from dust. Take […]
How To Eliminate Cooking Smells In Your Home
Do you smell that? It doesn’t matter if you are a chef or just cooking up supper for your family, sometimes cooking smells linger in your house. Some of those smells are great, but others can kill your appetite in a flash. This can be a big problem during the holidays when you are cooking […]
How To Clean A Water Cooler
A lot of people forget about the fact that their water cooler can and will get dirty.  These dispensers do need to be cleaned and on occasion sanitized. This is important because microbes love the moisture that is present in a water cooler.   The problem is that most people do not know how to […]
Do’s And Don’ts For Cleaning Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances
The consistent popularity of appliances with a stainless steel finish isn’t that hard to understand. The metal has a sleek, clean beauty that can work well in just about any contemporary kitchen design. Going with stainless steel appliances has a hidden downside, though: They can be tough to clean. The prominence of those shiny surfaces […]
Best Tips For Loading Your Dishwasher
There is some debate about what is the best way to load the dishwasher, with people being split between two different camps. In one camp are the people who have lots of rules for how everything should be loaded from coffee mugs to butter knives. Then there is the other camp that just loads up […]
A Guide To Cleaning A Glass Oven Door
The self-cleaning feature of ovens are great, but have you ever run it only to find the window remains streaked and grimy?  While you may find comfort knowing that you’re not the only one facing this problem, you’re probably more interested in learning how to remove those greasy streaks on your glass oven door.  This […]
7 Surprising and Inspiring Ways to use a Cordless Hand Vacuum
Bigger is not always better. When it comes to cleaning tools, sometimes a smaller version may work better. This is especially true when it comes to vacuum cleaners. While a cordless hand vacuum cleaner may be ideal for a large carpet, it can work wonders in other areas of your home. Here are seven ways […]
Tips to Maintain Your Wooden Furniture and Antiques
The fine wood furniture you have at your home probably holds some important value for you as do the antiques you’ve collected and placed in your home. Some people have a passion for fine wood furniture and collecting exotic antiques; if you’re one of them then you should know how important it is to maintain […]
Tips to Keep Your Living Room Tidy and Neat
Living rooms or lounge in any home is subjected to all kinds of cluttering. This common living space is shared by every family member and that means it gets dirty pretty easily. Decluttering and tidying your living space requires a well-thought out plan in mind and knowing how to proceed. If you have toddlers or […]
Things to Consider When Buying the Right Cleaning Solution
When you’re all set to deep clean your house yourself, you need to have the right tools at hand. Every good cleaner knows that you can’t use an all-purpose cleaning solution for all kinds of purposes. Each element in your home requires special attention and, hence, a special set of cleaning equipment. Here are some […]
The Right Way to Make Your Bathroom Spotless
When it comes to cleaning bathrooms, it’s a well-known fact that cleaning this room on a daily basis is essential. You don’t have to engage in thorough, deep cleaning every day but simple light cleaning after using the bathroom once a day will do. Keeping your bathroom tidy and clean on an everyday basis will […]