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3 Great Tips to Start Decluttering

Now that we are nearing Thanksgiving your whole family (and extended family!) will most likely be paying a visit to your home. The problem is you don’t want them to see the accumulated mess since they last came. We get it  you’re busy, it’s hard and it can feel overwhelming to think about starting. Don’t worry the getting started is really the hard part here (and maybe the toilets too).
Below we’ve set out to get you started with 3 of our favorite decluttering tips. They’ll get you off to a great start and once you get going you’ll be finished even before you start cooking!

1) Take everything off the floor or move it all to one corner. When there is stuff on the floor it feels like a much bigger job because we feel more cramped in our home. Just getting it to one side will allow you to assess the difference between how much of what you need to do is cleaning and how much is some light organizing.

2) Do the organizing first and the cleaning last. Just moving everything around will create more dust and dirt, so it’s wise to get to the cleaning once you have everything where you want it to go. Besides, even if you only get through organizing everything your home will like a million times better! 

3) Sort your clutter into categories, that way you can keep an easier mental cue on what belongs where and it’s less stressful to organize when you have categories set out at the start. The main categories to keep in mind are what you are keeping, what you are throwing away, and what type of object it is (ie put all your books together in one pile and your clothes in another).

Bonus: Open ALL the windows, shutters and blinds! If you do this at the beginning it lets the light and in and it feels more roomy and spacious. It’s much easier to clean when it feels airy and light than it is dark and dusty.

Follow these and you’ll be off to a wonderful start to decluttering and cleaning for the holidays! If you would like some more tips check out our friends in England over at Montpellier Maids. (They are friendly too!)