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Do you make your bed in the morning when you arise? Or, are you like others who simply complain and ask the proverbial question, “Why bother, I’m just going to be getting back into my bed tonight?” Regardless of which camp you’re in, there is some logic to making your bed each morning.

Let’s examine 5 reasons to make your bed in the morning when you arise.

1. It’s easy to do as you’re getting out of bed and your room is going to look a lot neater and tidier when you do this. After all, it only takes about five minutes to make your bed and set the pace of your day. If you have unexpected guests and they see your room, it will look nice and neat.

2. A neat bed will set the tone for the rest of your home. After you’ve made the bed, you’ll want the rest of your home to look neat and tidy as well. Neatness will naturally flow from one room into another if you set the tone with your bedroom. You’ll realize that some of the chores that you put off only take a few moments to accomplish and you’ll find that many take as few as five minutes to accomplish. Imagine if you do just a few of these on a daily basis, soon, your entire home will look nice and neat.

3. Making your bed will improve your mood and your productivity. Start your day on a positive note and the rest of the day will flow smoothly. You’ll feel more organized and accomplished, even if that’s all that you get done on any given day. You’ll arrive home after work or your other daily tasks and you’ll see that you have a nice inviting area to relax in. This will enhance your day and your mood when your room looks so inviting.

4. Improved nights sleep will naturally flow when your bed is made. You’ll feel more relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep when you come home to a nicely made bed. According to research, a well-made bed is often associated with better and improved sleep.

5. Making your bed will prevent dust from forming underneath of the covers. You’ll have less dust to trigger allergies in your bedroom if you make your bed. Of course, you’ll still have to dust your bedroom and keep pets out of your bedroom if you make your bed, but if you’re suffering from allergies you’ll appreciate that making your bed will go far to help you to reduce your allergies and get a better night’s rest. Often, the simplest tasks in the day can set the tone for the rest of the day and improve life.

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