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It’s already that time of year again, diets, weight loss goals, and accountability groups. I feel like I fall into the same vicious circle every year of that being the only thing that I hold myself accountable to work on. Not that it’s not an amazing thing to work on yourself, but what else could make a more positive me this year?

My HOME! Of course, a place where you spent countless hours! I set out to enhance my home with simple, but effective ways to really add the “WOW” effect to my home! This year my goal was to make it the best it has been yet!

  1. Declutter your things

I decided to start with the dreaded task of decluttering! Create refreshed and clean areas within your home! It’s amazing how this can effect how not only you feel about your home, but the change in your attitude in general!

Face it, we all collect a mound of stuff every year (even more if you have kids)! Without us constantly purging the old when we bring in the new we end up with things shoved and jammed into places they don’t belong. Slowly leading to a total disaster throughout the home.

Not this year! Make it your goal to periodically go room to room and get rid of what you don’t use, wear, or want anymore! Make your kids go through their beloved toys, and decide what they don’t play with anymore! Then take what you’ve collect and donate to charity. Make it a priority to think about what you are bringing into your home, and if you really need it! Avoid making more clutter!

I love to use cute storage bins throughout my home to hide things that are an eyesore, and storage bins to keep my kids toys contained and easy to stash under beds or in closets! The difference in the flow and look of your home with change immensely. A new home means a new you!

  1. Make it safe

Some of you may laugh and think, “Of course my house is safe”. But how often are we checking to ensure that there are no health or fire hazards throughout the home? These are some simple things to keep your mind at ease when at home.

Check your house for radon! One in fifteen homes have elevated levels of this colorless, odorless gas that causes 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year. You can pick up the test at  your local hardware store for as little as $20.00.

Check your carbon monoxide detectors! Another deadly gas that can lurk in your home and kill you! Make sure you check or install detectors on every floor that has a bedroom in addition to your fire detectors! You can pick this life saving items up for as little as $40.00!

Check for lint! It may seem like a harmless item, but it can lead to fires in your home! We all empty the lint screen in the dryer, but how often do we clean the vent and duct behind the dryer! These get FULL of lint and important that it gets cleaned occasionally.

  1. Decrease your bills

Let’s save some money! These are easy tactics to start cutting your energy usage at home! If you have children start to explain to them the importance of the things they are able to help with!


  1. Switch off the lights when you leave a room!
  2. Use LED bulbs
  3. Turn off your air conditioner when you leave your home
  4. Wait until your dishwasher or washing machine is full before running
  5. Turn off power strips when not using them
  6. Water your lawn less
  1. Make a cleaning schedule

Create a plan to keep your home in order! If you have a system it will be much easier for you to keep things looking their best! I make a list of things to do on a daily and weekly basis,

a) Daily:

Put everything back in its place! It’ll become routine and keep your home free of clutter accumulating! Hang up your jackets, put dirty clothes in your hamper, put away your dirty dishes, and wipe down the counters! It’s the simple things that will create a more functional home for your family!

b) Weekly:

Clean the entire house! Your house will never get to the point of no return this way! Keep your cleaning supplies stocked and ready to go. Sanitize countertops, cabinets, appliances, floors, mirrors, and carpets! Focus on one part of the home at a time to create a flow and ease while cleaning! Wipe down all the counters before moving to the mirrors! Trust me you’ll be thanking me with how much faster this makes cleaning the whole home!

  1.  Get your place ready for entertaining

We all want to make more time to spend with friends and family so why not get our home ready to do so! Give the spaces where you entertain a little facelift! You don’t have to bust down walls, or get new appliances to give your place a little spruce! Treat yourself to new accent rugs and pillows in the family room, or new pops of color throughout the kitchen. Updating your decor can add a whole new vibe and feeling to your drab rooms! Think about adding fresh flowers that match to add some life and freshness to the room, or rearrange the furniture in a new way. These easy fixes can really make a difference in your home, and make you want to have people over!

    Viola! Resolution new home is finished! What an amazing transformation you will see after completing these five things! Consider booking a professional house cleaning to start this will leave the perfect place. Not only will your home feel fresh and transformed, but so will you! Keep it up throughout the year, and see how different your attitude will truly become with not having to constantly be stressed when you’re at home!