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Lets face it, spring cleaning day is not exactly everybody’s favorite day. As a matter of fact, you can spend an entire day doing cleaning activities only to up with a house that’s partially clean. When cleaning your house, avoid these 10 common mistakes.

Cross Contaminating

This only distributes bacteria and other pathogens from one place to the other. From bathroom slides to hairbrushes we do this all the time! Imagine using cleaning equipment for both your kitchen and bathroom. Be like our pros who use cloths with various color codes to avoid the mix up when cleaning different places.

Cleaning With The Wrong Equipment

Using effective cleaning tools makes all the difference. For instance, if you are still using a feather duster to clean dusty surfaces, not only are you wafting dust into the air but putting yourself at risk of catching a cold! Choose the right vacuum cleaner, and cleaning detergents including bleach and soap to effectively clean your house.

Wrongly Cleaning and Drying Your Equipment

We all forget to clean and dry out cleaning tools from time to time. For instance, wet sponges, brushes, and cloths should be cleaned and hang out to dry. Failure to do so only creates a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Ignoring the Small Cracks and Spaces in Your House
Cleaning small places with cracks and spaces can be hard. However, over the course of time, these areas become perfect breeding grounds for living organisms that could make your life hard. These include mites, bacteria, fungi, cockroaches and other nasty organisms.

Forgetting to Air Out Your Beddings

I know you’ve read dozens of articles that encourage you to religiously make your bed every morning. However, we are constantly shedding dead skin which makes a perfect home for dust mites. By simply letting your bedsheets air out in the sun, the dead skin dries of and dies along with dust mites. Alternatively, you could leave your sheets tucked in but open your windows and expose them to as much sunlight as you possibly can.

Cleaning Your Windows in the Head of the Day

Doing this makes it difficult for your eyes to detect dirt because exposure to sunlight has a negative effect on our vision. Additionally, the sun’s heat waves make it almost impossible to clean the windows because water keeps drying off quickly. Pick a cloudy day to do your windows.

Cleaning with Furniture Polish

Furniture polish is not meant for cleaning but treating the furniture. In addition, it will make your furniture look shiny and glossy. Don’t use furniture polish to clean!

Cleaning Your House in the Wrong Order

Following a specific cleaning, order makes it easier to clean your house. Start from the furthest point from the entrance as you work your way to the house’s entrance. This prevents redistributing dust from the house interior. Not Applying The Rules of Chemistry Have you ever mixed some cleaning solutions only for you to end up choking and coughing wildly? Read the instructions on the label before mixing cleaning agents because some are highly hazardous and could pose a threat to your well being.

Failing to Read Instructions

Before using any cleaning tool or detergent, follow the instructions on the label to maximize their efficiency. Otherwise, you’ll end up having a poorly cleaned house. Let Think Maids make your life way easier! Call us so we can do the cleaning for you!