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What You Do for Your Dog, Your Dog Does Twice as Much for You!

Have you visited the National Zoological Park with your kids recently? Did you and your family feel a strong connect and newfound love for animals? Well, the positive effects animals have on us are undeniable; this is why owning a pet is a blessing above everything else!

Speaking of pets and the benefits that come with them, dogs top the list. If you’re a dog lover and have enough time to invest in caring for one, you really don’t need another reason to adopt a pooch! But for those of you who are skeptical about owning a dog, these amazing benefits are sure to convince you!

  1. Instant Joy!

A dog’s love and affection is like sunshine on a stormy day! They put you at ease after a bad day and bring out smiles and giggles with their doggy kisses. Of course, your kids will be overjoyed to have a new playmate around which brings about an overall sense of happiness in the household.

  1. Stress No More!

It has been scientifically proven that having a pet dog reduces stress hormones. Merely watching, petting or playing with your dog is enough to de-stress. Of course, there is a certain level of stress that comes with caring for a pet, but studies prove that the benefits significantly outweigh it.

  1. A Healthy Heart

That’s right, pet dogs can lower the risk of heart disease while maintaining a healthy heart rate. What’s more, according to many studies, your chances of combating a heart attack are more favorable if you own a dog.

  1. Decreased Depression

If a member of the family suffers from depression, you are likely to see a positive change in their mental health when a dog comes into the picture. Research has proven that dog owners are less at risk of going into depression while showing signs of positivity.

  1. More Exercise

Exercise is one of the most important factors that contribute to good health as we age; with a dog around, you’ll get all the exercise you need! Together you can go to the beach for a run, take daily brisk walks or just play around in the backyard. Whatever you choose, make sure it keeps you and your pet active for a healthier lifestyle.

The benefits of having a dog really are plenty; once you own one, you will truly understand why they are a blessing in our lives and home. However, they shed fur and can get a little messy and naughty from time to time so you need to know how to care for them appropriately. Here’s a quick look at what you need to do for a pet dog:

  • Get all necessary shots
  • Housetrain from the beginning
  • Feed in proportions suggested by a vet
  • Brush outside regularly to reduce fur in the home
  • Be patient when teaching obedience (reward for good behavior)
  • Fix daily active sessions to promote exercise (for the both of you)
  • Give attention, love and affection!

If you’re worried about maintaining a spick and span home with a dog around, Think Maids are a just a booking away for homeowners in Washington DC!