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Even though vinegar is probably the single best cleaning agent in your household, you might be reluctant to use it due to its poignant smell. Here is an idea of how can you use other ingredients to naturally subdue the scent, and at the same time, keep all the good ingredients that will help you maintain your home clean, fresh and toxic-free. It doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to make the mixture that will then marinate for about 2 weeks. It’s simple, cost-effective and good for your health, what else can one ask for?

You want to start with freshly prepared herbs, such as thyme or lavender, that can overpower the acetone-like vinegar smell. If you mix herbs of your choice with apple cider vinegar, you will get a delicious salad dressing that can be used with just about anything. But if you are looking for an organic cleaning spray, then you should mix white vinegar with citrus peels. Cloves can be a great addition to the mixture if you enjoy the smell of freshly brewed mulled wine on a cold snowy day. Back to the subject, after peeling the fruits, make sure to use the first layer as it contains the essential oils which are what will make the real difference. Adding vinegar and filtered water, and voila, there is your super effective and good-smelling spray! You can also stick to the simple formula where you mix distilled white vinegar with herbs. Fill up half of the jar with herbs and then pour the white vinegar just enough to soak them up. The crucial thing here is to give it a gentle shake every now and then for about two weeks. Once you decide to use your freshly prepared spray, add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil and add more white vinegar to your liking. Simple, right?

The vinegar-based spray is the perfect choice for every corner of the house. The spray is perfectly safe to be used on all surfaces and around animals or babies. When preparing the blend, make sure to combine 50% of vinegar with 50% of water so the acid doesn’t ruin some of your favorite natural surfaces. The acid won’t be of much help when it comes to killing off bacteria, that is why we would always recommend you scrubbing the area with a natural-based soap and water. Spraying an aromatic vinegar-based liquid will then have higher chances of successfully removing the microbes. Rinsing the affected area with this spray will also leave a pleasant smell in the room. What is the real advantage of this product is that you will get to use it for months, without having to worry about the expiration dates and the bad effects traditional chemicals cause. It is also ridiculously cheap to make your own cleaning spray, as you have all the ingredients readily available in your local store. Think Maids can handle your cleaning needs when it comes down to it call us sooner than later.