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The consistent popularity of appliances with a stainless steel finish isn’t that hard to understand. The metal has a sleek, clean beauty that can work well in just about any contemporary kitchen design. Going with stainless steel appliances has a hidden downside, though: They can be tough to clean. The prominence of those shiny surfaces becomes a drawback if they start to serve as magnets for water spots, smudges, fingerprints, and other signs of mess you don’t want in your kitchen.

Do you have the inside scoop on the easy way to clean stainless steel kitchen appliances? If not, never fear! Below you’ll find simple “Do” and “Don’t” tips to save you many minutes during kitchen clean-up time.

DO: Review The Instructions That Came With Your Appliance

Hit the stores and you’ll soon encounter shelf after shelf of cleaning products designed for use with stainless steel. Investigating your do-it-yourself cleaning options just widens the field even further. Start off with the most trustworthy information by seeing what your appliance manufacturers have to say about the right way to clean their equipment. You may be surprised by the instruction’s specificity! In some cases, you’re cautioned not to use certain cleaners anywhere NEAR stainless steel appliances because of what the fumes can do to the finish. You might even be putting your appliances’ warranties at risk if you use the wrong cleaning products. Always stick to the products and cleaning instructions provided with your appliances.

DON’T: Use Abrasives

Stainless steel is a wonderfully tough, durable material. Unfortunately, some folks get the impression that that means they can clean it with equally-tough products. This isn’t true! On most stainless steel appliances, the material’s finish is very easy to scratch. Tools and cleansers with an abrasive effect should always be avoided. This includes steel wool, bleach, scouring powders, ammonia, oven cleaner, and bleach. You might even want to consider using distilled water to clean your appliances if your local tap water is particularly hard. Hard water can’t damage steel, but it is a lot more likely to leave spots and streaks.

DO: Use The Right DIY Cleansers

While you should keep in mind the caution above about following your appliance manufacturer’s care recommendations, in many cases, “do it yourself” is the way to go when you’re cleaning stainless steel. Here are our three favorites:

NOTE: Before using any of these methods, spot-test the one you want to try on an inconspicuous part of your appliance before using it all over.


1) Vinegar And Olive Oil For Stainless Steel Appliances


Distilled white vinegar (in a spray bottle)

Olive oil

Microfiber cloths (at least 2)

Take a careful look at your steel appliance; you’ll see a clear “grain” in the metal. Clean in the same direction.

Start by spraying vinegar onto the appliance.

Wipe the vinegar away in the direction of the grain using a microfiber cloth.

Use a different cloth (a clean one) to rub olive oil into the appliance, again working in the direction of the grain. This will produce a shiny finish.


2) Dish Soap And Baby Oil For Stainless Steel Appliances


Dishwashing liquid (mild)

Baby oil

Warm water

Microfiber cloths (at least 2)

Dilute the dishwashing liquid in warm water, using either a bucket or your kitchen sink. Mix well

Use a microfiber cloth to apply a small amount of the solution to your stainless steel appliance, wiping with the grain to get rid of fingerprints and smudges.

Give the appliance time to dry.

Use a clean microfiber cloth to apply baby oil to the metal, still working in the direction of the grain. This will restore the shiny like-new appearance of your appliance.


3) Using Club Soda On Stainless Steel Appliances


Club soda

A spray bottle

A microfiber cloth

Fill the spray bottle with club soda.

Spray soda onto your appliance. Simply wipe it away with a microfiber cloth, as always, following the metal’s grain.

DON’T: Feel You Have To Handle It On Your Own

If your schedule simply doesn’t have the time for kitchen cleaning, we’d be happy to lend a hand! Call on ThinkMaids to provide expert cleaning assistance in your kitchen or anywhere in your home. We’ll restore polish and cleanliness and let you devote yourself to the things that really matter to you.