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Are you the kind of person who neglects doing various chores because they are tedious? Some projects can indeed take a while before they are done, such as cleaning the fridge or decluttering a bedroom closet. The good news is that there are several chores you can perform in a short while.

Here are eight easy chores you can perform in your home without taking much more time.

Clean Kitchen Surfaces

The kitchen is packed with surfaces that need to be cleaned, and each can be done in a matter of seconds. If you are after easy chores, take a microfiber cloth and a suitable household cleaner, and get any of the following tasks done:

Wiping of counter-tops
Wiping of refrigerator handles.
Cleaning of a kitchen sink.
Polishing of faucets as well knobs.
Cleaning the microwave.
Cleaning the kitchen cabinets.
Polish cabinet handles as well as knobs.

Empty Waste Bins

It doesn’t take long to empty a waste bin. Having spare bin liners in place can simplify the task. The addition of a little amount of baking soda to the bottom of the kitchen trash can get rid of any nasty odor.

Squeegee Shower Walls

Running a squeegee on the shower walls can be done in a matter of seconds. Preferably, it should be done immediately after the shower. This chore isn’t tedious and can save you more time because there is no chance soap scum buildup.

Wipe Bathroom Mirrors

Cleaning of bathroom mirrors is a matter of seconds; spray a little amount of vinegar or ammonia on a mirror and use a clean microfiber to wipe them down.

Look After Pets

Cleaning and refilling, your pet’s water bowl is a matter of seconds. With bags and scoopers alongside, you will take less time to get the cat’s litterbox clean.

Vacuum the Entrance

Performing a quick vacuum on high foot traffic areas such as side doors to keep dirt and grime at manageable levels.

Clean Touchscreens

Not all electronic devices take long to clean, for instance, wiping down the touchscreen on a smartphone takes little or no time. What you have to ensure is that the devices are turned off and unplugged and prevent the entry of moisture via openings. Only power on or plug them when you are confident they are no moisture present.

Sort Through Junk Mail

Avoid leaving junk mail uncontrolled, since sorting through it can be done in a short while. Always devote a minute of your time to sort through mail and get rid of unwanted documents.

Once you discover the number of chores you can get done in a matter of seconds, you will start to learn of other things you can clean in a short while.

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