House Cleaning in College Park, MD

A Professional Clean Like No Other for College Park Homeowners!

Have you been let down by a professional cleaning service in the past? Has one bad experience made you lose faith in the idea of finding “good help” these days? Well, that’s about to change and we’re here to tell you why! Think Maids is THE home cleaning service you’ve been yearning for to transform your ‘not-so-clean’ house, into a spotless, sanitary living space.

We are not your typical maid service looking to make a quick buck by providing below par cleaning results. No, Think Maids is proud to be a team of highly trained, hardworking and determined cleaners with years of experience in the cleaning field. These are just a few of the traits that allow Think Maids to surpass your expectations with every clean!

Why You Can Trust Think Maids

Building a good reputation is important; however, we believe that maintaining it holds more value. This is something that can only be achieved by employing the best and most trusted cleaners in the business to cater to the cleaning needs of College Park residents and surrounding areas. Of course, it’s not something that happened overnight; we’ve invested countless hours over a number of days to ensure that each Think Maid cleaner meets our security guidelines and quality standards.

At the time of hiring, we run extensive background checks on each cleaner that includes federal criminal database searches, reference checks, employment history, etc. Along with this, we conduct face-to-face interviews, personality assessments and study behavioral patterns. Lastly, we put each cleaner’s skills and abilities to the test, only hiring the ones that thoroughly impress us! Needless to say, we go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are treated to a cleaning team with exceptional cleaning skills, friendly personalities and honest, hardworking individuals.

What Separates Think Maids from the Rest

There are several aspects of our cleaning service that blatantly helps us stand out among a sea of average maid services in Maryland. For one, you can expect meticulous cleaning and complete professionalism when you hire a cleaning with us. Anything less than satisfactory results will not cut it at Think Maids!

Our cleaners are highly trained professionals with unmatched hands-on experience in cleaning homes of various types and sizes. Without giving it a second thought, we can guarantee that our cleaning staff will blow you away with the thoroughness in their work. Think Maids offers daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning needs. We also offer a wide range of cleaning services including move-in/move-out services, special request cleanups, deep cleaning and more. With Think Maids, you can expect an understanding, cooperative cleaning service that will truly work to your preference and satisfaction!



Your College Park House Cleaning Company


Apart from having the reliable cleaning services of Think Maids right around the corner, College Park has a lot to offer both, residents and visitors. This multifunctional city in Prince George’s County is home to the famous University of Maryland (UMD) where thousands upon thousands of students enroll every year. It’s not uncommon to see college students of UMD flock to nearby cafes and shopping areas along Baltimore Ave, while visitors never miss a chance to take a look around The University of Maryland Art Gallery which is situated within the campus of UMD.

College Park is home to roughly around 32,000 and offers some very well maintained neighborhoods such as Berwyn, Lakeland, Daniel’s Park and Calvert Hills. There is no shortage of shopping in this city; if you’re looking to find everything under one roof, head to Hollywood Shopping Center on Rhode Island Ave. All in all, the city doesn’t disappoint and students here wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!