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During the summertime, you are faced with higher temperatures and longer days. Before summertime approaches, you should clean and maintain your window air conditioners to ensure they are running at peak performance.

How to Clean a Window Air Conditioner After It Has Been Stored

When you get your air conditioner out of the basement or attic, it will probably be covered in cobwebs and dust. You do not want this to blow into your house, so you need to clean the outside of the unit before you install it. Use a microfiber cloth and a little water to remove the dust and debris from the outside of the unit. Remove the front grill and wipe down the grill and the inner workings of the air conditioner.

Cleaning Your Window Air Conditioner’s Filters

Window air conditioners must work hard to keep your house cool. If you notice the amount of cool air produced by your window air conditioner is reduced, it may be time to clean or replace the filters on your window air conditioner.

Window air conditioner filters should be cleaned monthly. If you use non-reusable filters, they should be replaced every two to three months. For those who live in areas with high pollen levels or those who suffer from allergies, the window air conditioner filters should be cleaned or replaced more frequently.

Cleaning an air conditioner filter is simple and only require a couple of tools, including a vacuum cleaner, a little bit of dish soap, a sponge, some warm water and an old towel.

To begin, remove the filter and vacuum to remove built-up dust off of the filter. Next, run a sink of warm water and add a little bit of dish soap to the water. Dampen your sponge with the soapy water to remove any remaining dust. Then, run the filter under running warm tap water until the water runs clear. This will ensure all traces of soap is removed. Finally, lay the filter on a towel until it is dry. Once it is dry, it can be reinstalled in your window air conditioner.

Cleaning the Coils and Coil Fins on a Window Air Conditioner

The window air conditioner’s coils and coil fins must also be cleaned. Window units have two separate sets of coils. The evaporator coils are underneath the filter; the condenser coils are located on the back of the unit. Consult your manufacturer’s guide for more information or search online for your air conditioner’s model number and guide.

To clean the coils, you will need a vacuum cleaner and a brush attachment and an old toothbrush. Vacuum the coils to remove as much dust and debris using the brush attachment. If any debris remains, use a toothbrush to scrub away the dust and debris.

Coil fins are the metal sheets that are layered on the back of your window air conditioner. Coil fins are quite delicate and can easily bend. If the fins become bent, the airflow can be reduced. Using a fin comb can help straighten coil fins to ensure your air conditioner works efficiently.

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