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Vacation time is here, marked by the arrival of summer! You should prepare yourself for some bit of cleaning if you will be staying at a vacation rental.

To ensure that you have an idea of the things you need to do once you arrive, read the following list of tips on holiday rental cleaning.

Look For Garbage

Before leaving, after their last stay, your host or any guests that stayed at the property may have forgotten to take out the garbage. You can find out whether all the garbage bins are empty by taking a few minutes to search through the property. To ensure that you start with a clean slate, find new replacement garbage bin liners.

Do Some Touch Ups In The Kitchen

Your holiday rental cleaning efforts should mainly focus on the kitchen area. This part of the house sees a lot of activity given the fact that holiday activities, such as swimming and hiking, lead to huge appetites. You can ensure that your family and close friends eat off hygienic utensils and surfaces with our kitchen cleaning to-do list.

Checklist On Cleaning The Kitchen

Clean the inside of the microwave, if it is not clean enough.

Place a wet kitchen sponge in the microwave for a couple of minutes to ensure that it’s thoroughly clean. Check on the microwaving sponge; since it is bound to be hot, remember to give it some time to cool down.

To ensure that no food particles have been left inside the freezer and refrigerator, give the inside a quick wipe.

All sinks, stovetops and countertops, as well as any other surfaces should also be wiped down.

To ensure that the previous occupants of the house cleaned all cutting boards, pans and pots that are used regularly as well as glasses and dishes, conduct your own inspection.

Thoroughly hand or machine wash any dirty dishes that you intend to use on a regular basis.

The Bathroom Is Next

This part of the house should be quite clean. However, if you intend to place your own toothbrushes and any toiletries on countertops, wiping them down beforehand should not be a problem. The toilet handle, shower and sink knobs should also be included in your bathroom cleaning checklist.


It is also worthwhile for you to spend some time cleaning up the outdoor area, if any. Start by sweeping up the space if you can get your hands on an outdoor broom. Any outdoor furniture items should also be wiped down. A swift once over using a towel or cloth should be enough to get any deck chairs and grill, found to be reasonably clean, ready for use.

You can follow the instructions below if on the other hand you discover that some outdoor areas or items require additional cleaning:

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Tips

Cleaning An Outdoor Barbeque Grill

No one looks forward to doing any cleaning work during their holiday. If it means that you can rest assured that your loved ones are using hygienic utensils that you have cleaned personally however, then taking 30 minutes to an hour of your time to touch up every part of your temporary home is definitely worth it.

Want cleaning advice from professionals?  Try calling a local cleaning service.