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Are you looking for the best way to keep your windows clean? Do you feel like it’s frustrating and daunting to do it over and over again without any positive results? Well, a lot of people have been in the same boat. As much as try cleaning your windows, if you are not doing it correctly, you will always leave smudges. Here are the best window cleaning tips and tricks to guarantee the best results.

1. Clean On A Cloudy Day

Yes, most people assume that cleaning their windows on a sunny day is the best. However, that has few flaws in it because when it’s sunny outside, the cleanser will dry out too fast. On the other hand, when it’s a little cloudy outside, you can clean your windows at a slower pace and make sure you get every smudge. Doing this allows you to completely clear out the streaks and smudges without any issues.

2. Buy A New Window Scrubber

How long have you had your window scrubber? Have you been using it for years? Well, it should be worn out by now so it’s the best time to replace it. If you are still using the old scrubber to clean your windows, it’s the reason why they are still dirty. A new one will definitely do a good job. If you want clean windows without streaks or smudges, get out there and buy a new scrubber immediately.

3. Always Use Vinegar Solution

For most people, window cleansers are the best choice when cleaning windows. That’s because they can do an excellent job when removing the dirt. However, some of these window cleansers might be too harsh on your windows. Rather than ruining the structural integrity of the glass on your windows, you can always use a vinegar solution when cleaning and enjoy the same results. Vinegar has a higher acidity level which makes it strong enough to remove nasty stains or any buildup on your windows effortlessly.

4. Proper Scrubbing Techniques

When you are washing your windows from the outside, you need to scrub them from the top going down. Also, when washing your windows from the inside, move the scrubber from left to right to remove the dirt. Using the right scrubbing techniques will help you avoid smudges and streaks once you are done cleaning.

Try these and many more window cleaning techniques for the best results! We also suggest getting a service provider like Think Maids to do it for you. Contact us for more information.