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Spring cleaning is now in full effect. Here, at Think Maids, you find all the expertise and professional advice you could ask for to get this season started off right. Many times, we share our best cleaning supplies in order to help you handle your ever-growing checklist of spring cleaning. However, do you actually wonder why it is we suggest some cleaning tools or supplies instead of others? We’ve got answers for that, as well as a quick run-through of a few of the more frequently suggested tools, as compared to their alternatives. You might be shocked to find out which ones are really up for it.

Microfiber Cloths Vs. Sponges

Even the household sponges that smell cleaner than anything else can be a magnet for germs, and given how many of us don’t own microscopes, we can’t really ever tell just how clean (or for that matter dirty) our sponges really are. That’s why we suggest steering clear of them completely. Your better choice is a microfiber cloth. Not only will microfiber clean surfaces better, it’s also conveniently machine-washable and fast to dry, meaning that your microfiber cloths aren’t as likely to retain their germs. Also, if you’re not able to remember how long it’s been since was washed, you can simply wash it before your spring cleaning. Just make sure to wash it again after, too.

Vacuums Vs. Brooms

In most cases, brooms will just push dust and dirt around, instead of collecting it. Just skip sweeping then, and part ways with your broom. The better thing to do is to get your vacuum out of the closet and start putting it to work. It’s a good idea to give your vacuum a bit of TLC prior to starting, though. There’s a good chance that you have yet to change the HEPA filter or clean the roller brush. Ignoring crucial maintenance might impact the vacuum’s suction, which would make it far less effective at collecting debris and dust. In fact, it could wind up leaving quite a bit of stuff behind it.

Floor Steamer Vs. Floor Cleaner

While there are some floor cleaners which promise to actually do it all, they are in fact the best options in terms of getting your floors deep-cleaned. Steamers can turn out to be a secret weapon, though, since they not only get stains removed from vinyl flooring and ceramic tiles, but also might get hot enough to kill off the bacteria that linger in harder-to-reach places or even tile grout. If you and your family went through an especially hard cold and flu season, then this might be a good way to get these germs out of your home for good.

Disposable Toilet Wands Vs. The Trusty Toilet Brush

Toilet brushes really do have the least glamorous job in terms of housekeeping. Once they’re used, they get stuffed back into their holders, where they keep all of their dirty work. A more sanitary choice would be disposable toilet wands which have cleaning solution built-in. Their textures actually work better in terms of scrubbing, and since they’re disposable, they don’t have the scary possibility of keeping unwanted grime right there in your freshly cleaned bathroom.

DIY Solutions Vs. Brand Names Of Glass Cleaner

Not only will paper towels and store cleaners turn out to be expensive, they’re typically not as powerful as a homemade solution you might make with rubbing alcohol and vinegar.

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Don’t neglect to try out the following cleaning tips in your home:

Create a routine.

Be organized.

Don’t use as much product.

Clean more frequently.

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