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When working 40 hours a week, free time becomes scarce, and your daily cleaning chores can get too demanding. It may seem impossible to keep up with your chores then, but it’s not! Here are six valuable tips that will make the juggle between a full-time job and a clean home possible!

Tip #1. Be strategic with your cleaning

Some people believe achieving a spotless abode means going all out in cleaning marathons. However, you can sprinkle bits of cleaning here and there during your chill moments between tasks to get the same results over time!

A quick wipe after dinner or a speedy dusting of those window sills won’t rob you of precious minutes. Assign different tasks for different days, and you’ll find the rhythm without feeling overwhelmed.

Tip #2. Keep your cleaning tools at arm’s reach

When there’s not much time available, efficacy becomes crucial. Save time by assigning specific spots for your products, like the toilet cleaner snug under the bathroom sink, for example.

No more scavenger hunts for supplies means more time and less stress looking for your supplies. And don’t forget to stay on top of your supplies game – hit the store before you’re left high and dry.

Oh, and keep tabs on your supplies! Don’t wait until the last roll is gone; plan a store run to keep the essentials flowing.

Tip #3. Leave the weekends for the heavy tasks

Don’t burn out during the week; save the big chores for the weekends! Start by crafting a cleaning plan and sorting tasks by time or difficulty. That way, you can allocate simple chores to weekdays and more demanding ones to weekends to avoid overstraining yourself.

Tip #4. Harness the power of tech

In the whirlwind of life, we all forget stuff. Thankfully, you can take advantage of the techy world we live in!

What better way to put technology to your service than exploiting your smartphone? Make use of cleaning apps armed with schedules, checklists, and reminders. You can also get specialized cleaning gadgets like autonomous vacuum cleaners to level up your cleaning game.

Tip #5. Share the cleanup duties

Cleaning duties become easier to manage when shared with others. Gather your roomies or family to create a cleaning schedule together so everybody can contribute and be as fair as possible. Even the young guns can join the fun with tasks tailored to their age.

Pro-tip: Living by yourself? Host a cleaning fiesta with friends; it’s a win-win with a tidy space and a post-clean hangout.

Tip #6. Prioritize self-care above all else

A pristine home is cool, but good health is cooler. Wanting your house to look magazine-ready all the time is not a realistic goal, nor easy to maintain. All homes can be a bit messy from time to time.

If you try to keep a super pristine home no matter what, you’ll end up all tired and stressed. The ideal thing to do is find a balance that makes you feel comfortable while still having the energy to enjoy your free time!

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